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Building a partnership - from the ground up...

Karen and Sabrina

Perhaps it is a dream come true, or reconnecting with a passion you loved years ago, or maybe even a new journey with your children. Regardless of the reason that a horse has come into your life, people often find themselves in frustrating, confusing or even dangerous situations with that animal.


Many traditional horse keeping and management practices of as recent as 10 years ago have been proven through scientific research to be inappropriate or even life-threatening for the horse. Nutritional options, deworming programs, fencing materials, tack selection and hoof care are constantly changing as we learn more about the behaviors and physiological needs of the horse.


Horse Calls, LLC can bring solutions, suggestions and peace of mind through education, training and instruction. By working with you to establish trust between human and horse, practice effective cueing that mimics the horses' own natural modes of communication, and develop a careful focus on the overall mental and physical well-being of the horse, Horse Calls, LLC can you give and your horse a steadfast partnership that will last a lifetime.

Karen Everhart, MEd., is owner and operator of Horse Calls, LLC. With more than 40 years of experience handling horses, she has managed her own herd since she was twenty years old. Karen has studied with many nationally known trainers and is a proponent of kinder and gentler methods of training. As a former health care administrator, she is familiar with the struggles that face horse owners today: too many responsibilities and not enough time. It is that understanding and her love of horses that led her to develop Horse Calls, LLC. Karen


Disclaimer: Horsemanship and the care and management of horses are inherently dangerous practices and horses are inherently unpredictable animals. Anyone attempting to follow any suggestion from Karen Everhart or Horse Calls, LLC is to do so at their own risk and assumes full responsibility for themselves, their horse(s) and any others in the vicinity. There is no guarantee of success or safety for human or horse in utilizing any of the practices or strategies for Equine Management or training suggested or promoted on this Web site or by Karen Everhart or Horse Calls, LLC staff directly or indirectly.


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